Last Updated: 4/21/20

It is critically important that every voter in GA-07 has the opportunity to fairly and safely cast their ballot in the June 9 Georgia primary. Please be aware of the dates and changes to the voting process implemented in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note that the presidential primary and special elections will now be held on June 9, in addition to our primary.

Key Dates

Monday, May 11: Deadline to register to vote online, in person, or via mail

Monday, May 18: Early voting begins

Friday, June 5: Last day to request an absentee ballot via mail

Friday, June 5: Last day of in-person early voting

Tuesday, June 9: Absentee ballot must arrive at ballot location by election day (recommended postmark 5 days earlier)

Tuesday, June 9: Election Day

Register to Vote

If you have a valid ID from the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles, you can register to vote online. Register to vote today.

To register to vote by mail, download the application (or here in Spanish), complete the form, sign it, and mail it using the enclosed envelope to: Secretary of State, State of Georgia, PO Box 105325, Atlanta- Georgia 30348-9562.

The deadline to register to vote is May 11 and the primary election is Tuesday, June 9th. Applications submitted by mail must be received by Tuesday, June 9.

You should receive an acknowledgment within two to four weeks after submitting or mailing your registration.  Please contact your local county registration office if you have not received any information from them by then.

Check your registration status

Confirm your voter registration status online.

Vote on June 9

If you are unable to vote absentee, please consider utilizing early voting hours to cut down on wait times and lines on June 9.

Voting absentee by mail

Every Georgian can vote absentee in our June 9 primary election, you do not have to have a specific reason to vote absentee.

To request an absentee ballot, print out the application form yourself and mail it back by June 5, alternatively you can email a copy (photo or scan) to your county clerk.

Please note that you must fill out your application in blue or black ink, and the mailing address for returning applications is enclosed with your application. Postage is NOT INCLUDED with your absentee ballot application; if you do not have a stamp, the Postal Service has indicated that they will still deliver it.

If you have questions about certain areas of the application use this link to find your county in the drop-down menu and click submit. From there you should be able to find the correct phone number to call.

For information on Gwinnett County specific absentee voting, use this link.

For information on Forsyth County specific absentee voting, use this link. 

Voting early in person

Early voting begins on May 13. To find your early voting polling locations, please visit either Gwinnett County’s website or consult the Forsyth voting pamphlet on page 8. When you vote in person you must provide a valid form of identification like a driver’s license, passport, or military ID. You can find the voter identification requirements here. If you vote absentee you do not need identification.

The last day to vote early in person is June 5.

Voting in person on June 9

Polls are open from 7 AM – 7 PM. To find your polling location on your vote profile for a map of your polling location.


To learn more about what is on your ballot and how to vote, find a sample ballot here.

If you are concerned that you did not receive verification that your registration was processed, please visit Georgia Secretary of State’s website at to check your registration. 

If you are from Gwinnett County, call the Voter Registrations and Elections office at (678)-226-7210.

If you are from Forsyth County, call the Voter Registrations and Elections Department at (770)-781-2118