Expanding Access To Affordable Healthcare

Everyone should be able to see a doctor when they need one without going into debt. That’s why Zahra supports a public option.

Zahra voted for Georgia to accept federal dollars to expand Medicaid, sponsored a bill to end surprise billing and require health insurance companies to cover emergency medical care, and sponsored legislation to increase provider transparency around breast cancer screenings.

Maintaining Strong Public Schools

The foundation of American democracy is a vibrant, effective public school system that provides every child with a quality education.

As a product of our public school system, Zahra knows firsthand that education is the surest route to upward economic mobility, a strong economy, and vibrant communities.

As a State Senator, Zahra passed legislation requiring schools to identify and support students with dyslexia to help break the cycle of poverty that is often tied to dyslexia. She’s also worked to expand access to childcare for parents going back to college.

Promoting Civil Rights

As an attorney and legislator, Zahra has fought against discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere. She’s been a champion for civil liberties. She’s defended women’s choice and access to reproductive health services, fought against Georgia’s extreme abortion ban, and pushed for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Zahra has also introduced legislation to ensure women’s rights in the workplace, including making sure that all women can pump at work, no matter what their career is.

Keeping Our Community Safe

No one should feel unsafe in his or her home, school, job, or place of worship. As a veteran and former federal prosecutor, Zahra understands how to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of violent criminals.

While serving as a federal prosecutor she prosecuted gun traffickers, child predators, and human traffickers, and worked to ensure dangerous criminals don’t have access to caches of weapons. Zahra introduced legislation in the Georgia General Assembly to address gun violence by closing the “gun show loophole” and requiring background checks of both national and state databases. She’s also worked throughout her time in the State Senate to increase the statute of limitations for prosecuting child predators, sex trafficking, and rape so that more people have a chance to hold their abusers accountable.

Protecting Voting Rights

Casting a ballot is an important act of civic participation and the bedrock of our democracy. Voting is how we make our voices heard at the ballot box and achieve the real, meaningful changes that will make our country a fairer and more prosperous place for everyone. Wide-scale voter roll purges, gerrymandering, and other methods of racially motivated voter suppression are an affront to democracy and a direct attack on communities of color. Zahra believes that democracy is stronger when we all have a say, and as a State Senator she has fought to protect voting rights and advocated to make Election Day a holiday in Georgia.

Investing In Sustainable Energy And Protecting The Environment

Investing in sustainable, innovative, and efficient energy solutions will drive economic growth and minimize our carbon footprint. In the Georgia General Assembly, Zahra co-sponsored legislation to restore tax credit programs for alternative fuel vehicles and ensure that coal ash is disposed of properly so that all Georgians have safe water.