Meet Zahra

Meet Zahra

Zahra Karinshak is a veteran, prosecutor, State Senator, and mother. After serving as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force, Zahra decided to serve her country as a federal prosecutor, holding accountable human traffickers and gun smugglers. Then, Zahra served in the State Senate, where she fought for healthcare, education, women’s rights, and more. Now, Zahra’s taking on her toughest battle yet: flipping Georgia blue and restoring integrity to our national politics.


  • Just because Kiki can get away with ignoring CDC guidelines doesn’t mean you can!

Friends, please practice social distancing and stay home right now. For more information, please check out the CDC’s website:
  • Last year, I had the honor of joining Councilman Amir Farokhi at City Hall to celebrate Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

This year, I’ll be homebound with my daughters, but that doesn’t make it any less special. The Persian-American community has always stood at my side, especially in times of crisis.

I’m proud to be Georgia’s first Iranian-American legislator, and I’ll be even more proud to be the first of us elected to the United States Congress.

#nowruz #nowruzmobarak #eideshomamobarak
  • To all my supporters and constituents out there facing this crisis, you are not alone.
  • Yesterday, I joined my Republican and Democratic colleagues in the Senate in supporting Governor Kemp’s public health emergency proclamation.

These are extraordinary and frightening times, which will require a response that is swift and decisive. I have urged Governor Kemp to use his authority wisely.

While our government works to mitigate this crisis, don’t forget that we all have a part to play. Minimize your social interactions. Wash your hands, with vigor. Stay away from those most at-risk of infection. And please, look out for one another. We are all in this together and will leave no one behind.
  • Loved catching up with the Teresa, a gracious friend whose leadership has been such a blessing to Democrats and attorneys in Atlanta.
  • Crossed my t’s, dotted my i’s... And just like that, I’m on the ballot! Which means you can vote for Zahra—and for affordable healthcare, strong public schools, and civil rights for all Georgians—on May 19th!
  • My new favorite four-legged supporter! 🐶
  • Lovely evening with lovely friends, including one of my oldest pals, Governor Roy Barnes!
  • Hey—that’s me!

Great conversation with Scott Slade and @gpbnews as well as my colleague @suwaneebonnie on Lawmakers last week. If you missed it and want to get up to speed on all of our latest work under the Gold Dome, check us out here:
  • Honored, thrilled, and inspired to be with @new_poli and the Second Service coalition in New York City this past week! I couldn’t ask for a better group of men and women to stand at my side. I’ll see you all in Washington!

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