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Zahra Karinshak is a veteran, prosecutor, State Senator, and mother. After serving as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force, Zahra decided to serve her country as a federal prosecutor, holding accountable human traffickers and gun smugglers. Then, Zahra served in the State Senate, where she fought for healthcare, education, women’s rights, and more. Now, Zahra’s taking on her toughest battle yet: flipping Georgia blue and restoring integrity to our national politics.


  • I’ve been an Air Force officer, a federal prosecutor, a State Senator, and a proud mom of two girls. If that doesn’t make you tough, I don’t know what does.
  • I’m running for Congress to take back our government from the worst of Washington’s bullies.
  • Really excited about this one—we’ve received the endorsement of the National Organization of Women PAC!
  • After your church stream on Sunday, tune in to GPB or head to to catch a debate that will truly be unlike any other!
  • Zahra for Congress needs your help!

Campaigning for this cycle has changed in ways nobody would have guessed. But our public health crisis has shown us how much we have to flip this seat blue and maintain the Democratic majority in Congress. Because we can’t do our typical in-person campaigning, we’re relying on volunteers to spread the word about Zahra and her message. If you have any spare time in the coming days and weeks, please consider helping us with these critical efforts.
  • It’s the little things right now!
  • I miss nights like these—evenings spent talking with constituents and bringing folks together. I didn’t get into politics because I wanted to be stuck in my home office. But I don’t think anyone expected me, of all people, to be such a homebody in an election year.

We don’t know what life will look like when this storm passes, or when that might be. But I do know that we’ve got some huge problems to work out. It’s never been more clear that the usual way of doing business isn’t getting it done. We’re facing unprecedented crises in public health, our economy, and plain old leadership.

This upcoming election is more critical than we could have ever imagined. I’ve been up close and personal with crises all my life, and I know the kind of strength it takes to get through them. So please stay with this campaign, keep showing us your support, and as always, reach out to me if you ever have any questions or concerns.
  • 🍑 Georgians! 🍑

Across the state, folks are receiving absentee ballot request forms for our primary elections. A couple things to know when yours comes in:

1) This is NOT an absentee ballot. This is a form to request an absentee ballot—that’s why you won’t see any candidate names on here.

2) The Secretary of State’s office is requiring voters to put their own stamps on their returned forms. Don’t let this stop you from requesting a ballot, but if you need to get stamps, please do so safely. Ask a neighbor for a spare before standing in line at your local post office.

3) If you have not already cast an early vote for our presidential primary, that race will appear on your absentee ballot. If you have cast your vote already, it will be counted!
  • Just because Kiki can get away with ignoring CDC guidelines doesn’t mean you can!

Friends, please practice social distancing and stay home right now. For more information, please check out the CDC’s website:
  • Last year, I had the honor of joining Councilman Amir Farokhi at City Hall to celebrate Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

This year, I’ll be homebound with my daughters, but that doesn’t make it any less special. The Persian-American community has always stood at my side, especially in times of crisis.

I’m proud to be Georgia’s first Iranian-American legislator, and I’ll be even more proud to be the first of us elected to the United States Congress.

#nowruz #nowruzmobarak #eideshomamobarak

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